One Thing or Another Podcast: An Interview with Author Ann Aptaker

It’s a great pleasure to welcome author Ann Aptaker for the latest One Thing or Another interview. Ann is the author of the Cantor Gold crime series, featuring the inimitable Cantor Gold. Ann is also an art writer for various New York clients, and an adjunct professor of art and art history at the New York Institute of Technology. Join us as we discuss writing, lesbian fiction, Ann’s career, her creative process and much more.

About Ann Aptaker

Lammy and Goldie winner, native New Yorker Ann Aptaker’s first book, Criminal Gold, was a Golden Crown Literary Society’s Goldie Award finalist. Her next book, Tarnished Gold (book two in the Cantor Gold Crime Series), was honored with a Lambda Literary Award and a Goldie Award, the only book in the Lesbian mystery category to win both awards for the same book. The third book in the series, Genuine Gold, won the 2018 Goldie Award. Book four, the recently launched Flesh and Gold, is the newest in the ongoing series.

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One Thing or Another: Chew On That

By Mark McNease

It’s always One Thing or Another… a lighthearted look at aging, life, and the absurdities of it all.

“You can miss the color of someone’s eyes, or the shape of their nose, but a grin with no teeth dares you to ignore it.”

You know you’re getting older when half your teeth have abandoned you, leaving your mouth like homeowners who’ve found a better neighborhood. You want them to stay. You offer incentives (“No more sugar, I promise!”), but they leave anyway, wiggling their way from the root up until they either fall out or get pulled out by a dentist who’s been lecturing you for ten years to use an electric toothbrush.

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Restaurant Review: Martine’s Riverhouse Restaurant, 3 ½ Yums (New Hope, PA)

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Reviews are based on a 5 Yum scale, 5 being must-go, 2 being save your money, 1 being call an ambulance.

Where: Martine’s Riverhouse Restaurant, New Hope, PA
Price: $$$
Fun new word: Riverhouse

So it is two words or one? Is the ‘H’ capitalized or not? I found it both ways on their website and their Facebook page. That can happen when you make up words – it’s tough to know which is catchier.

My husband Frank and I made it across the Delaware River to New Hope, Pennsylvania. We parked in Lambertville, New Jersey, and walked over the bridge, since New Hope decided several years ago there would be no free parking anywhere in town. It’s Delaware River Towns Restaurant Week and both communities are nestled on the river. It’s a spectacular place to live. Art and progressive politics are in the air, but there’s something for everyone. Last night that something was dinner at Martine’s.
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The Twist Podcast #90: Lent to Listicles, Nutty Rightwing Judges, and the Week in Headlines

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Join co-hosts Mark McNease and Rick Rose as we take a look at Trump’s Bible book signing, trends in Lent, rightwing nutjob judges, and the week in headlines.

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