‘One Thing or Another’ Interview Podcast Launches with Guest Holly Palance

I’m excited to announce the launch of my new interview-only podcast, One Thing or Another (it gets its name from the column I’ve been writing for several years now). “Just me, a guest, a microphone, and you.” I’ll be doing these at least twice a month, possibly weekly as it gets up and rolling.

My first guest is Holly Palance, audiobook narrator, actor, writer, and the superb voice for the audiobook edition of my latest, Black Cat White Paws: A Maggie Dahl Mystery. Holly does an amazing job, and happens to be a marvelous person, too. Join me for a conversation about her life and her career change into the world of audiobook narration.

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Lee Lynch’s Amazon Trail: Witch Spittle

Photo by Sue Hardesty

By Lee Lynch

Oh, yes, we had fun this year decorating for Halloween. For a couple of hours, I didn’t once think about the ghouls in D.C.

We don’t get trick or treaters here, but we have a lively neighborhood of adults from 55 to 95, ourselves included, who get a kick out of holiday trappings. Our plastic Frankenstein mat screeches bloody murder when we open or close the garage door. Half the time we scare—and laugh—ourselves silly.

It had been many full moons since we last dragged out our spooky paraphernalia. My sweetheart exhumed it from the treasure chest that is our garage and instructed me to decide what should go where. Me? Organize? The prospect was scarier than an army of menacing phantoms.

I somehow coped.

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The Twist Podcast #76: Lambertville’s Halloween Showdown, the Louisiana Film Prize, and Susan Collins Self-Destructs

Join co-hosts Mark McNease and Rick Rose as we share reviews of Lambertville, New Jersey’s epic Halloween showdown, the Louisiana Film Prize, and a dip into politics with Susan Collins’s destroying any hint of a legacy.

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6 (More) Questions for Dave Hughes of RetireFabulously.com

By Mark McNease

I’ve been a fan of Dave Hughes and his RetireFabulously.com website for the past five years. I’ve been raving about his columns and had the privilege of helping edit his two books . We both recently enjoyed cruises with our husbands, and I thought it was a good time to ask him some more questions about living in retirement, some of the realities of traveling as a retiree, and a general update. (Note: I’ll be turning 60 this month and hope to retire myself at 62.)

Dave, thanks for taking the time to answer more questions. You’ve been retired a while now and more active than ever. We both just finished cruises, and have fabulous, but different, experiences with this form of vacation. Let’s start there …

MM: I know people who love cruising and people who would rather walk on burning coals than be on a ship. What would you tell someone who’s never cruised to sell them on doing it?

DH: Cruises aren’t for everybody. I won’t pretend that they are. But some people harbor misconceptions about what cruises are really like. There are plenty of lesbian and gay people who harbor misconceptions about what lesbian or gay cruises are like.

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Slideshow from Dave and Jeff’s Cruise

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One Thing or Another: Cruise Control (All Aboard!)

It’s always One Thing or Another… a lighthearted look at aging, life, and the absurdities of it all.

By Mark McNease

“There’s something very depressurizing about boarding a cruise ship. The daily, mundane, pressures of life that bear on you the rest of the time are suddenly lifted, falling away like a jacket let slip from your shoulders.”

Spending time on a floating hotel was never high on my wish list. I no more imagined going on a cruise than I imagined climbing the pyramids at Machu Picchu or hiking the Appalachian Trail. I didn’t have anything against them, they were just things other people did, feature stories in travel magazines I read when I was still flying by choice and not necessity. Then I met the man I’ve spent the last twelve years with, and cruising entered my life. That can happen when we enter relationships: if you enjoy the unexpected, meet the person of your dreams.

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My first cruise was just three nights over a Labor Day weekend, out to some cay and back. I didn’t just like it. I loved it. Cruising quickly became a favorite way to vacation for me. I also like spending nights in hotels for some of the same reasons: no chores, no clean up, no appointments, unless it’s a massage or a shave/facial combination. Cruising is that times twenty, with the added bonus of feeling young at fifty-nine on a ship of retirees.

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Dave Hughes: Confronting the Realities of Retirement Travel

Guest Column by Dave Hughes

One of the greatest benefits of retirement is that it affords you the opportunity to travel more than you could during your working years, when you are limited to a fixed number of vacation days each year.

While it’s true that you will have more time to travel after you retire, there are a number of realities that could impact your ability to spend your retirement years exploring the world.

None of these considerations are show-stoppers. This article will help you anticipate these issues, plan your travel realistically, and manage your expectations for what traveling after you retire will really be like.

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‘Black Cat White Paws’ Audiobook Now Available, Read by Holly Palance

The audiobook for Black Cat White Paws: A Maggie Dahl Mystery, is now available on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. Narrator Holly Palance does an amazing job of bringing to life Maggie, her sister Gerri, the world of Lambertville, New Jersey, and the mystery that lies hidden at the heart of this riverside town. Are you listening?

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