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I’m getting used to a lot of new things: new website, new editing look and functions in WordPress (which I think I’ll eventually love), and a new image I made for the banner. The photo’s not new – it was taken by my friend Amy Mayes (, and I blended it with a clouded landscape. I love the full photo, but I wasn’t able to resize it so you could see the whole thing in the site banner. I’ve added it to the sidebar instead, just because I think it’s kind of awesome.

Dave Hughes: Let’s Let’s Skip the Silly Euphemisms and Embrace Our Age

Guest Post by By Dave Hughes,

“I will never refer to myself as XX years young and expect others not to, either.
There is no shame in being old so let’s not manufacture it with patronizing crap like that.”

That bold declaration was posted by my friend, author Mark McNease (publisher of and the editor of my two books) recently on Facebook.

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Lee Lynch’s Amazon Trail: What?

By Lee Lynch
The Amazon Trail

Photo by Sue Hardesty

When I first put in the hearing aids, I felt a giant exhalation of tension. Though I knew of my relatively modest hearing loss, I was unaware what a strain it put not just on my marriage and public life, but on my mind and body.

Grandpa Lynch, a retired Railroad Engineer, had big clunky hearing aids. Grandma Lynch needed a pair, though her family said she could hear perfectly well when she wanted to. There was definitely hearing loss on my mother’s side, but her parents couldn’t have afforded hearing aids if they’d wanted them, which they didn’t any more than Grandma Lynch did.

Shame was attached to the very idea of needing such devices. Do people reject hearing aids out of pride? Vanity? Was it the stigma of disability? Maybe back then the new-fangled things weren’t very effective. Probably they were uncomfortable.

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Dave Hughes: Retirement is Like a Buffet. Will You Stuff Yourself or Starve?

By Dave Hughes,

There’s a buffet restaurant a few miles from our home called Pacific Seafood Buffet. Most of the food is Asian, and the primary draw for us is the opportunity to eat all the sushi we care to eat for one price. Of course, there are a lot of other good dishes there too: tempura vegetables, shrimp, crab cakes, and many things you typically find at Asian buffets. And there’s green tea ice cream for dessert!

The lunch price is very reasonable, so we go every couple of months. It would be dietarily disastrous to go any more often than that. We all know that buffets are invitations to overeat, and our visits to Pacific Seafood Buffet are no exception. On the drive home, we usually bemoan the fact that we have eaten too much.

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