Stephanie Mott Passes Away, the World is a Darker Place

I am beyond sad. I just found out Stephanie Mott passed away. I had no idea. Stephanie was one of the most gracious, kind, generous, genuine, fearless people I have ever met. She wrote columns for LGBTSr. She spoke on a panel at the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association convention in Boston with me and David Webb. She was just so beautiful. An activist, a role model, someone I wanted to be like but whose heart was so much bigger than mine. I’m so, so heartbroken.

The world is a darker place without you, Stephanie Mott. Truly. Meanness, vindictiveness, name-calling, the ugliness spreads while a light like you goes out. You would tell me to chose love over anger, but it’s hard in a world so unfair.

From CJOnline:

Stephanie Mott, trailblazing activist for transgender people, died last week at the age of 61. Stephanie was born in 1957 and grew up on small farm outside Eudora.

She lived for 48 years under a different name. We will not use it here. To us, and to the countless others she touched, she was only Stephanie.

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